by Chasing South

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Written and recorded by Chasing South.
Mixed and mastered by Keegan Meiring - keegan@hunteraudio.co


released January 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Chasing South Auckland, New Zealand

4 guys from Auckland, New Zealand. Making noise and breaking hearts (also guitars) facebook.com/chasingsouth for shows

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Track Name: Prodigals
The cycle goes on.

Reinscribe your dialogue of death and diaspora. Avert your eyes as children run in horror.
The sun here no longer beats down on serendipity.

The sins of the father are the burdens of the son,
tyranny of the majority is asserted with a gun.

The cycle goes on and your heart it doesn't beat, do you just want a chance for misery? Remember when you used to run away? The past caught up and now you make the sons pay

Just admit that you have nothing left to say.
You speak of freedom, while taking theirs away.

The sins of the father are the burdens of the son.

Help me to deny.
Perpetuate the lie.

The sun does not beat down here anymore.
Track Name: Negative Space
I feel miles away from you and an eternity away from me. This distance is a cruel fate, but the hours are my misery. I dare not reminisce, lest it actually set me free. A staring contest with the ceiling is what this year looks to be

And I just wanted to thank you for one thing before you leave this town.
You never gave me the chance to let you down.

And when my eyes grow weary, I swear I don't notice them close until you're right there beside me, and so all my nights go. Yet I still waste away the time until I can dream again- just so I can wake up happy. Fantasy is my godsend

I shouldn't need to tell you that i've been here before. Another negative space, surrounded by closing doors. But you're here now, and somehow, it's not enough.
I'm not selfish, or self indulgent, i'm just tired, and down on my luck.
You're not here.

I'm on the wrong side of this harbour, and every step takes me farther from you and everything I wanted to be. So i've closed my eyes on my dreams, in the hope that your nightmares finally set you free.

Time be kind, be kind to me.