Chasing South

by Chasing South

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released December 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Chasing South Auckland, New Zealand

4 guys from Auckland, New Zealand. Making noise and breaking hearts (also guitars) for shows

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Track Name: Barricades
I have to ask myself why,
i'm looking over my shoulder.
Running from the shadows of myself,
memories I tried my hardest to forget.

Fauilure in the flesh

They bay their teeth and threaten to swallow me whole.
But not this time,
I wont become a victim.
Track Name: Fantastic Mr. Fox
Socially conscious, morally attuned.
What does any of it mean when we're just standing in a room?
Words mean nothing without action.
But I can't hear any of you over this din.

You've dug your own grave, and now you're standing in it.
You're screaming so loud but you've got nothing to say.

Excuses about having more important things to do are wearing thin.
We exist on this earth, but without ground to stand on we are doomed.

Wipe the filth that encrusts your eyes,
and see the lies
you have been fed,
by everyone you ever thought that you could put your faith in.

Time eats away like acid,
burning holes into my mind.
Track Name: Years
Remember your talk of hope?
You were at peace with who you'd been.
Thumb through the pages and see you,
so anorexic thin.

You taught me everything I know,
So don't turn back on it now.
I remember when I was so small,
I always thought you'd show me how.

Years have gone on, but your look's the same.
Just smile, wave, and lie; you still carry the blame.

We dissect ourselves to remove what makes us weak.
Under bright fluorescent lights, everyone sees through these sheets.
We digress ourselves to remove what makes us hollow.
So you turn your back on god when it should be from yourself.

And when life rains down on me, I find grace on my knees.
And sweet forgiveness at your feet.
Track Name: My Neck Of The Woods
A closed door is a safe place, but a safe place needs an escape.
When the bad things come knocking,
I have to dig so I can be safe.
The ground here must hold a secret if it is my only way out.
Here they come,
I'm out of my depth,
this isn't what I thought my life was about.

If I can reach the core and still be above the surface,
everything within me screams that this place is worthless.

I've gone beyond what I know,
my experience is no good.
I guess i'll just stumble forward,
this is not my neck of the woods.
No time for your questions now, you're here,
So we'll show you how we use this world for ourselves.
Track Name: Indifference
In the beginning, there was a flame.
An undeniable burn on my name.
Sparked from the ashes of the things we all keep to ourselves,
secrets we both knew but didn't tell.

For this let me be condemned to the lowest circle of hell.

This girl has secrets in her eyes,
fire walk with me.

I need to save myself so I dive below the waves,
but I have found a home here in this ocean of her lust and pain,
Pulled below, it's time for me to drown.

I never cared much for games,
let alone any of hers.
Track Name: Why Stop At 8?
A failing system,
the symptoms are all around you.
The deaths of the millions are deferred to a greater cause.

Caught in the gears,
your life becomes a self-sustaining parody of meaningful existence.

Is an endless cycle of consumption all that we aspire to?
It's not what i want for myself.

It is right that we destroy our bodies and our health?
It's deteriorating by the day.

This is nothing more than a failing system.

Caught in the gears,
We will never find our way out.
Track Name: Seek And Repair
Tested, and taken,
from the place I call home.
I've lost my way,
and the path back has collapsed.

I have no home,
it means nothing to me now.

My eyes roll back,
inside my head.
Stray from the track,
inside my head.
Theres no way back,
inside my head.
And I see black,
Inside my head.

Burn it down, burn it down.
It means nothing to me now.
Track Name: Bearrorism
I can't believe that it has come to this, foundations crumbling,
where once they stood so strong.
The ruins of my hope scream with the words left on my tongue.

It won't be long before we climb right over your walls.
Your wars are only words,
that you said to me.
The things we say don't matter, show who we really are.
The last time that was all you said to me.

It's not the things we say that matter,
but those we don't.
So nothing is the loudest word you could hope to speak.

And I remember every word you said to me.
Track Name: We Are The Arrows
It's a bitter cold night, and there's 50 kids outside,
painting their lungs black.

with a shitty P.A,
a barely working bass amp and a broken marshall stack.

Telling stories that won't resonate further than these flimsy walls,
words ringing hollow in the ears of snakes and whores.
But to some opening new doors.

Our words may go unheeded by the masses
Every word we say, every song we play,
to somebody, it matters.
If not for the solidarity we would be nothing.
So until we make a difference we keep running.

It's the only thing that makes us more than 5 pissed off kids worn down like the roads we travel.

You take it back.
Track Name: Who The Hell Is Sam Sultra?
Within the ruins of my fractured self,
I found the antidote to the poison I had been dealt.
Embracing arms that reach to pull me from my grave,
without their strength I could never have been saved.

Why do we question ourselves,
when other people let us down?
You know your life will be as real,
buried underground.

How the hell can you say it will be ok?
When you told us who we need to be and led us astray.

Tonight we stand as brothers in all but blood,
shoulder to shoulder, we will never be overcome.