by Chasing South

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released April 4, 2014



all rights reserved


Chasing South Auckland, New Zealand

4 guys from Auckland, New Zealand. Making noise and breaking hearts (also guitars) for shows

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Track Name: Saline
Saline: the most bitter blue,
It’s the colour of your venom, and it tastes like the lies you spew.
And like saline, your damage lasts for years.
When I hear your tide receding, it sounds like music to my tired, jaded ears.
Track Name: Black Water (I Am Drowning)
You know I’ve heard of a silver lining before,
But I’ve never found one this close to home.
Elation for my long lost friend,
Bittersweet for me, ‘cause now I’m back on my own.
Mirror, mirror- tell me the truth,
Is this the vision I am meant to see?
The clouds have failed her, but now they rain on me.
I’m sure she won’t take it personally.

Why couldn’t I untie my ankles from the deadweight of my failings-
And better utilise the rope I wasted on me to pull her out, and stop her from derailing?
Even though it was at my hands, I wish I could have only acted on my whims,
If only I had seen the depths below me. I probably should’ve learned how to swim.

Choking on the black water, the current pulls and I get no stronger. I am drowning.
Searching for a sign of land, and I can’t see farther than my hand. I am drowning.

Please get your head out of the clouds; I know they let you down,
And so did I, but I didn’t want to die this way.
And the serenity of the scenery here gives me a new feeling,
Somewhere inside of me, I feel my heart skip a beat- could this be it healing?
Track Name: Cacoethes Scribendi
I always thought that I needed catharsis to open my eyes.
But as I’ve dwelt on you, I’ve found that this sky couldn’t break me if it tried.
But I still look to the sky, far beyond where you fly,
And then past that- to the place I belong.

And now, let’s take a good look at you- You siren; you vulture.
And let’s not forget about me- no direction and hopeless composure.

You have no hold over me.
I’ve surrendered all that I am.
Track Name: Frozen Over (Silent Hymns)
I’m kidding myself if I think five songs you’ll never hear
Will somehow manifest new memories of you and I, from non-existent years.
So I buried my thoughts inside my head, then I buried my head in the sand.
If I can’t entertain these thoughts, who will? Nothing ever seems to go as planned for me.

What has brought you to the surface now? I swear I saw you drown.
I can’t believe I’m diving in to save you this time around.
When I threw you overboard, I barely hesitated to throw you a rope.
Now all these years later, you followed your dreams, and I can’t even hold onto hope.

Would you say I’m nowhere if I know where I am? I’d just say I’m spineless.
Would you call me a coward? That, I couldn’t stand. Please just scream for silence instead.

I’m making the worst of a bad situation. And the sky’s frozen over.
If I could move my icy fingers, I’d write you anything.
I’m making the worst of a bad situation. And I’m frozen over.
If I could move my icy fingers, I’d write you anything.

So what do you want to hear from me after all these years?
And would you take an apology from me, or would you tear me to pieces?
Track Name: Atlantis
I can’t get used to this- this will not be my swan song.
But it may well be a phoenix death, and a step towards moving on.

If home’s where the heart is, then my home is in ruins.
Not because it’s been broken, but ‘cause it beats for a million things.
If home’s where the heart is, then my home is a travesty.
That I’ve created by staring at the sea, trying to find one thing to make it sing.

I’d rather live in chaos, in a crowded city built by man,
Than die down here in Atlantis on my own with no sign of land.